We Watches Us

We Watches Us follows four artists during a 24-hour live stream. Their city is inundated with ads and voyeuristic corporations. Not so different from our non-fictional reality, eh? Except in their world, there are no laws, only individual contracts between them and the various corporations. These artists signed contracts with a social media network, Live Art Inc. In exchange for an apartment and food they allow Live Art Inc. to surveil and stream their lives 24/7. The characters are mildly content with their agreements until a product malfunctions and kills one of them. Suddenly, they each feel the weight of their individual contracts and wonder who really is to blame.


Love Is Like Falling in a Black Hole

This is the first in a series! In the first one I use the Laws of Thermodynamics and relate them to the journey of a romantic relationship. In other words, I take two things I’m interested in (ladies and physics) and make a story with pictures and words! yeeeeeeee


We All Fall Down

After falling into the drawn world, Rosalind wants to find her way back home. However, this world is constructed on untruth and absurdities, making her journey back home....complicated. A mad botanist becomes her guide, but is utterly unhelpful in his helpfulness. As the duo try to get her home they learn that absurdity depends on your persective and truth is harder to find than lies